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Die zentrale Dachorganisation der weltweiten Mercedes-Benz Markenclubs.

Silver Star Award

Dear Members of Mercedes-Benz Classic and Club Management,
The following is a brief description of Eddy Fischer’s achievements in the Mercedes-Benz Club of New Zealand Inc.

Eddy has a long history in the Club, a history that involves a great deal of work and support for the club and the Mercedes-Benz brand.
Eddy first joined the nearest New Zealand branch club (Manawatu Mercedes-Benz Club) in 1992 and within months of joining, he was on the committee and volunteered for the post of editor, a post he held for 20 years. During this time he was also President of this local Club for over ten years. In 1999 he was asked to become the National President of the New Zealand Club, a role that he accepted.

Silver Star 2

Such is Eddy’s enthusiasm for the Club that for several years, Eddy was the President of the local Manawatu branch, editor for the Manawatu branch, New Zealand Club President and editor for the New Zealand Club magazine all at the same time!  He has held at least three executive positions for almost his entire time as a Club member and is still the editor for the New Zealand Club and for a new Club in the capital city – Wellington, that he is helping to get started.

Silver Star
The role of editor has required a great deal of work every month for thirteen years – 143 issues of the National magazine and 220 issues on a local level without missing a single month!
 Eddy has bought the magazine into the 21st century by the use of e-mail, websites and modern, computerised printing methods. The magazine is still produced every month, whereas most other clubs produce a bi-monthly magazine. With Eddy’s help it has become a magazine the New Zealand Club members can be proud of.

Silver Star 3

While Eddy was President of his local club, he organised several National Concours in his hometown. Club members from throughout New Zealand came to these major events. On one occasion, his car at the time, a 1993 2.6 190E, AMG kitted, won first prize as best presented club car in the country.

During his time as National President, he has organised or helped in the organisation of numerous national events. The two that stand out are firstly the 30th Anniversary of the New Zealand club, held in 2003 (in the clubs 31st year), where he organising a gala dinner attended by 160 members plus representatives from Mercedes-Benz New Zealand and Daimler AG – Stuttgart (Dieter Ritter). The second was he first international rally held during 2007 where Eddy played a major role it’s planning. This large event was also a big success.

Two other achievements during Eddy’s time at the helm of the New Zealand Club was to re-establish the Club library and instigated the formation of a Club Shop, both of which are still functioning, although the library is being phased out do to the information available from the internet.

Eddy Fischer

Expansion and growth for the Club were very important to Eddy and he helped establish three new branch clubs in various areas of New Zealand that were not previously covered. They are Top of the South (top of the South Island of New Zealand), Midland, (Mid regions of the North Island) and Wellington (our capital city). Under Eddy’s leadership the club rose to 510 financial members, who owned approximately 2,000 Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

Eddy’s efforts for the club were recognised in 2011 we he was awarded life membership of the New Zealand Club by its members.

Utmost in importance was the relationship with Mercedes-Benz New Zealand and the Club. This relationship grew very strong due to the long tenure in this role. Eddy negotiated a good sponsorship agreement that still exists today.

In November 2012, during the clubs 40th Anniversary dinner, Eddy Fischer received the ultimate accolade from Daimler AG – the Silver Star Award.

Yours sincerely

Caroline Van der Haas
National Secretary
Mercedes-Benz Club of New Zealand 1999 -2012

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