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Keyfob / In Car Camera

Keyfob Camera:
The RC200HD is a hidden camera built into an innocuous standard looking car key fob.  It will record HD video & audio at the touch of a button for you to playback later on your PC or laptop.
Ideal for keeping handy on your keys or for leaving on a desk, table or shelf to record covertly.

Special Offer Price: £129.99

Z8 In Car Camera:
The Z8 will record your car journeys in full colour and at HD quality.
Ideal for proving what really happened should an accident or incident occur whilst you are out driving.
Also has a collision detection mode which will activate and record for 3 minutes if your vehicle is bumped whilst you are parked up outside the supermarket for instance.

Special Offer Price: £79.99

Vicovation Marcus 5 Dual In Car Camera System:
The Marcus 5 Dual is a professional in vehicle camera system that is able to record HD video of the road ahead and behind whilst you are driving.  The forward facing camera is built into the main unit and the small rear facing camera is connected to the main unit by the cable supplied.  The Marcus 5 Dual gives you full coverage should an incident occur and so it a top level accident witness camera.

Special Offer Price: £229.99

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